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Hello! My name is Gino. I’m a graphic designer specializing in brand and marketing design in San Diego, CA. I have over 8 years of experience designing visual identities and marketing collateral for brands in various industries. I’m passionate about clean design without any distraction and with a super clear message. 

When I’m not designing, I’m exploring San Diego with my partner, trying out new bars or restaurants, or taking pictures of things.

I’m always looking to improve my skill set, collaborate with other creatives, or work on exciting and challenging projects. If you know of an opportunity that I would be a great fit for, I would love to speak with you.

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A Brief History

Late 2014

Left my job of almost 5 years as a Senior Merchandiser at Quidsi Inc (formerly an Amazon.com company) to pursue a career in Graphic Design

Mid 2015

Started my freelancing career designing logos and visual identities for local brands; eventually landing Spartan Race UK as my first major client, designing various web and print ads for race events

Late 2015

Hired as a full-time Associate Graphic Designer at Catalyst Inc, a global nonprofit organization in New York City, while continuing to freelance for Lotame, a tech company, and Urban Justice Center, a nonprofit organization

Late 2018

Promoted to Senior Graphic Designer at Catalyst Inc, leading the design of events, emails, and social media

Mid 2023

Left Catalyst, returned to designing logos and visual identities, and upskilled in new design tools and techniques; currently seeking new opportunities

Skill Highlights

01Art Direction

02Visual Identity

03Digital Design

04Email Marketing

05Print Design
06Editorial Design

07Social Media

08Content Strategy

09Data Visualization

10Web Design

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